My portfolio showcases various aspects of my interests in sexuality over the years.

Model Photo Shoots

Here are some of the photographic examples from my portfolio of fetish, bdsm and art photography.

Project Name

A description of the project and the works presented.

Let’s build something together.


The Life Of A Depressed Mortal On Earth

Alicia in Writerland

Short bursts of creativity and expression from a busy wife, teacher, writer and doodler.


Cycling with a broken back

The Difference

Purpose Driven, Spirit-led.

Aman's Antics

Welcome to my journal


Health and fitness

Roe's Contemplations

Random thoughts and somewhat sage advice...


The Goddess Attainable Blog is an inspirational portal for a goddess way of life. I share about love and dating, health and beauty, spirituality, and all things goddess-esque. Enter and explore...

Clarie's Ramblings

The point is to be phenomenal.

artsy words

where dead metaphors meet dead feelings

Today’s Tori

Stories through the eyes of Tori

Master Of None

Dude's off the hook.

Fantasy Weddings

Wedding decor galore.

Karen K is reading

Book reviews


If it grows, it grows.

Ten Thousand Wildflowers

Demystifying the World of Plants

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